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We placed 2nd in the 6.70 index (1/8th mile, drag racing class) in Terre Haute, IN at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza yesterday.

Our driver, Johnny Farrow, was able to lay down some pretty good passes in our 1997 F250 2WD.

6.89 @ 105mph
6.94 @ 105mph

were our best passes for the weekend.

Johnny left a touch too hard in the finals against the triple turbo Cummins, and we lost with a 7.2x...but we had a great weekend, and it was a pleasure to see our customers.

We were definitely traction limited, but hope we can get some 1/4mile passes in before the tracks shut down this fall...last year this truck was consistently running mid to high 120's in the quarter (last years best 1/8th times were in the 7.2s, I believe)...

so we're pretty confident that we'll have our single turbo 7.3L in the tens shortly!

thanks to all of our customers that stopped by our booth, and we're looking forward to continuing to develop cutting edge parts for both our existing and new customers engines!
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