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what kind of sticks do you run kainers ?
and who tuned it, and was it lived tuned.
Too many I started with stage 2's whatever stocker honed out made 380
Then graduated to some local built hybrids that made 399.8
Then went to bob riley hybrids made 425 or 430 hell if I can remember
Then in an attempt to blow her up I put in some Cass 400cc bcodes and made 489.

I have ran TW tunes I have ran Jody tunes.I was lived tuned with the bob riley hybrids and a QSSB but since put in a 71mm sledghammer what have you that I got from luke along with the 400's.

I still drive her.Hell made a trip to bend and back this past weekend.Just don't have the money for a rebuild.Wondering when those PMR'S are gonna finally leave.

I personally think that a major contributing factor is that I run a Blue CPS that has been proven to retard the timing mechanically:D

I am serious about blowing it up OP just cause one does it doesn't mean another can.Not all trucks are the same.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts