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Hello all,
I am looking for an honest diesel shop in the southwest Ohio area. Does anyone know of any? I have a 2005 Ford Excursion that I am looking to do some preventative maintenance on. Basically treat my Excursion like it was their personal vehicle. In Sept 2016 I had a new engine installed at Holderdown Performance using an Ashville Engine built lower. Holderdown said I cracked my engine block. Once I got the bill I was not impressed, and even more so once I started asking questions. Then even more so when my engine starting having problems. When asked why I had to pay $245 for the Ford OEM Oil Pan, $249 for the injection pressure regulator valve, $135 for EGR Upgrade when I had the best EGR that could be done already performed on my truck, they said it was needed to get the job done right. I question what happened to my old oil pan or pressure regulator and EGR pipe that was welded from the inside to block it. Also I was charged $450 for a FICM and I asked what happened to the old one? Plus for $450 I could of purchased the Bullet Proofed 58 volt FICM for the same price. But mine wasn't bad at the time, so why did I need a new one? Also they charged me $399 for an ACT X4 (which is correct) but then added another charge of $150 for custom tunes which comes with the X4, like customers are two stupid to do some basic research. Total invoice was $8,214 not counting the $6,795 I paid to Ashville Engines. So with all the stuff that "I needed" what happened when I started driving my truck was aggravating to say the least. The elbow coming off the turbo kept blowing off. I asked them why it was happening and they said they didn't know. I took it back in there and they "re tightened it" yet it kept coming off. I had to drive around with a ratchet and socket in my truck so I could pull off and put it back on when it happened after paying almost $15,000 dollars. But after I got tired of doing that, I found shops that sold heavy duty elbows and purchased one. Then in May of 2017 my truck wasn't starting after it was ran. I did my research and found it more than likely was a HPOP (high pressure oil pump) that is going out. So the next invoice dated May 9th 2017 was a MIshimoto Radiator, $684. Transmission pan filter $42, upper transmission filter $45, J-tube with O-ring $152. Coolant $79, Check HPO R&R J-Ttube $95. Another $1,859 to Holderdown Performance. About a year and a half ago my coolant level starting doing the same thing it was (loosing coolant) which is why I took it to HolderDown in the first place. Also about a year ago my turbo wasn't working. I figured it was time for a cleaning or it was clogged up so I asked my son if he wanted some work (16 years old at the time) and he pulled the turbo. I rebuilt it/cleaned it and as I was reinstalling it, I found the connector was broke. I asked my son if he had broke it and he said he thought it was funny that their was no clip to push when removing, "it just pulled right off". (I have taught my son about the importance of having Character, Honor and Integrity and he would of told me if he broke it. So I ordered a new connector, soldered it on and the turbo worked great. I seriously doubt it was the cleaning I did, but more so the broken clip that Holderdown decided to reinstall.

Now with that being said, I heard from the owner that the old business partner has parted ways with the company after being caught stealing from the company, so my only hopes is they keep the billing honest now and hold up to the newly branded Cincinnati Diesel Performance feedback\review scores which are excellent online.

However, it would be Great if any of the members on here knew of a shop and or person close to SW Ohio that the words Honesty, Honor, Integrity really mean something too. (Not saying Cincinnati Diesel Performance doesn't have those qualities). If so, please feel free to post or message me.

Thank you for your time and help.


Brian Roberts
US Army Special Forces (Veteran)
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