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Alright, so last Sunday I decided to fix the oil leak coming from the oil cooler housing. I tore it all down Sunday, and replaced the gasket and put it all back together Monday morning.

When I went to fire it up, the engine was running very rough, which in my experience is normal until the air gets out of the fuel system. However, it continues to run rough even after 3 days of letting it run and sit. It's like there is still air in the system.

When I put it gear and give it throttle, the rpms don't increase nor will the truck move under it's own power. I can put the peddle to the floor and no change in the rpms but I do see black smoke come from the exhaust when I do this.

I thought maybe something was left unplugged, yet I have rechecked all connections four times now. Then I thought maybe it has something to do with disconnecting the batteries while I was working on it.

Below is a video of it surging at idle. She ran perfect before I changed the gasket.

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