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So, I pulled my motor a couple weeks ago to reseal everything up. I did everything I could get close to. Truck is moderately built.

After getting it back on the road, I am getting a subtle stutter. It feels like a miss of some sort. This was never there prior to pulling the motor. Only thing that changed was going to a WW2 and 1.0 Beans exhaust housing. Truck is intercooled, T-500, Rosewood Stage 1's, stock fuel still. I am not getting any codes, but it definitely feels like a miss.

I did pull the T-500 and fuel lines, but the truck now has 100+ miles on it, so any air in the system should have been worked out by now. And, I have run it hard to see if it could be worked out.

No CEL or anything in the memory codes that would tell me anything about this. And, I don't have AE either to run diagnostics. It almost feels like electrical. What is interesting, is that I don't feel it at all when cold. Just after it warms up.

I checked the harnesses under the valve covers right before the motor went back in and everything looked good. No burnt connectors or anything.

Any ideas?
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