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Where is the best place to get the tubing and compression fittings, fuel line, etc.

I'm also thinking of putting a pre pump filter and helper pump on eventually.

What would you do? 30mic pre pump spin on?

How long should this take?

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Gregory- I went with ITP's 5/8" pickup and then bought a filter head and 30 mic water seperator filter for it to plug into.

The bonus is that the filter head I'm using has two inlets and two outlets. So you could cap the one outlet and if you decide to run a second fuel pump you'd just have to take the plug out and run a hose to the new pump.

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5/16" compression union (steel fitting, brass can break)
3/8" compression union (steel fitting, brass will break)

3 1/2" - 3/8" SS tubing

20" - 5/16" SS tubing

I went to my local Parker store. Try here:

They will have everything you need or you can buy it from ITP diesel. Dennis puts together a very nice kit for a very reasonable price.

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