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stock turbo in compounds?

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brain fart of the day....

why can't you use a stock turbo in a compound setup, say with a garret 42 or 45? could it be made to use the stock for low end boost and spool up the big guy up. Sure would make a nifty diy kit.

aside from having to figure out new piping and flanges or
would the boost just blow the stocker apart?
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The atmospheric turbo is the first stage, so that'd be the 47 in Charles' truck and the 38R is the second stage.
Atmospheric?? Can you elaborate a little for me??
That would be the charger that is hooked up to the air filter and the air filter is hooked up to the Earth's atmosphere :poke:
That would be the charger that is hooked up to the air filter and the air filter is hooked up to the Earth's atmosphere :poke:
Thanks A$$hole.......

Just tryin' to learn the correct terminology:blah:
But seriosly I ordered a few books myself today to read up on turbos and plumbing them. This should be some good edumacation for all of us with all of these compounds starting to appear, I can Imagine a year from now a large percentage of us running compounds for all different applications.:D:ford:
I was laughing at the way the question was answered not the question itself.:poke:
Thanks A$$hole.......

Just tryin' to learn the correct terminology:blah:
No problem, glad I could help :D
forget twin what about three turbos?
Charles I need a little bit of coaching if you will......
Is your big charger the first or second stage??
I'm a little slow when it comes to chargers!!!
Well in short the big turbo pulls in mass air or lots of air so the smaller turbo doesn't starve for air

letting second turbo starve for air:badidea:
forget twin what about three turbos?
Dzl Jim already did that.......
Cool now I need to find two more turbos and watch the PMR pop:D:popcorn:
You guys just flat out refuse to use the correct terminology of First and Second stage don't you.
I guess it's worth your time to keep having to clarify what you mean when you say uno and dos, then top, then bottom, then watermellon, then cantelope and so on....
The first charger is the ahhh, First stage, and the second charger is the ahhh Second stage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
C o m p l i c a t e d
But...the "second stage" charger actually spools first, making the initial boost out of the hole. Then the "first stage" charger starts to spool and feed the second, after the engine gets rolling...isn't that correct?

Also, the "first stage" charger is the second one in the exhaust stream, with the "second stage" charger being the first one in the exhaust stream (i.e., first one after the exh. manifolds), right?

I think that is the confusing part :doh:
Exactly, but the compressor has nothing to do with the hot side ;)

That's why it's the First stage Compressor and Second stage compressor .

Then you don't have to exlain air filter, or anything. That can only be one way.

Anything more technical than that and you'll have to as DSD or Fullboost.
i was thinking about doing this same thing, only problem id have keeping the stocker is that my van turbo spools up to slow, it doesnt start making good boost till 2000rpms and doesnt hit full boost till 2300, could just be the 1.15 housing, i think the .84 would be a lot better choice

This was how I did my first setup. I had a stocker with a WW and an H2E. With the .84 housing i had boost before i was done letting the clutch out, but it was very restrictive, and in a compound setup you don't need that little housing. I upgraded to a 1.0 and it helped a little. . . but still never saw full boost from the H2E. partially fuel pressure, big time restriction on the stock turbo though. An external wastegate was a must. But it was a fun little setup, it really cooked off the line and i don't think the stocker was overworked either. With 15-20 PSI on the inlet and a manifold pressure of 40-45 PSI, The turbo was somewhere near its efficiency range:) For everyday driving and towing, this setup is hard to beat. Especially for the price.
ive been toying with the idea to use a VGT off a 6.0 as my second stage and a gt42 as my first. im having trouble plotting the maps can someone give me a hand?
Might call Buddy at VanAken. Iirc they used a vgt in one of their 7.3 set-ups. They're site sponsors too.
I think I saw that in a Diesel power, they had an OBS and a SD with 6.0 turbos on.
That setup was on buddy's truck and he took it off when he went compounds.
They may have it on another one though, I'm not sure.

He does know how to make it work though. :D
I'm bringing this back to see if there is still any interest or development since 07.
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