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stock turbo in compounds?

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brain fart of the day....

why can't you use a stock turbo in a compound setup, say with a garret 42 or 45? could it be made to use the stock for low end boost and spool up the big guy up. Sure would make a nifty diy kit.

aside from having to figure out new piping and flanges or
would the boost just blow the stocker apart?
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The atmospheric turbo is the first stage, so that'd be the 47 in Charles' truck and the 38R is the second stage.
That would be the charger that is hooked up to the air filter and the air filter is hooked up to the Earth's atmosphere :poke:
Thanks A$$hole.......

Just tryin' to learn the correct terminology:blah:
No problem, glad I could help :D
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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