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stock turbo in compounds?

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brain fart of the day....

why can't you use a stock turbo in a compound setup, say with a garret 42 or 45? could it be made to use the stock for low end boost and spool up the big guy up. Sure would make a nifty diy kit.

aside from having to figure out new piping and flanges or
would the boost just blow the stocker apart?
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i was thinking about doing this same thing, only problem id have keeping the stocker is that my van turbo spools up to slow, it doesnt start making good boost till 2000rpms and doesnt hit full boost till 2300, could just be the 1.15 housing, i think the .84 would be a lot better choice
hm, never tried the 1.0 personally, think it will make much difference? it would be nice to see full boost at 2000rpms hehe.
were u planning on using that K31 as ur pusher with the stock turbo as ur puller?
Pusher/Puller :shrug: ?

The stock turbo would be the secondary, little turbo.

K31 would be big stage, primary
how much power will the k31 support
ive been toying with the idea to use a VGT off a 6.0 as my second stage and a gt42 as my first. im having trouble plotting the maps can someone give me a hand?
1 - 6 of 57 Posts
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