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i'm finalizing my build order for a 2012 f350 here in kandahar for delivery in the US and there is a strange requirement. the company that does the builds here works factory direct and the software will not allow me to have a 3.55 elocker with the FX4 with out getting the heavy front suspension. i have no problems with that except for the manufacturer's caution about dont get that unless i plan on permanently loading the front end with winches and bumpers and such. i dont plan on that. will there be problems later on with this option? i also plan on doing a 6" lift later. will there be conflicts with that?

here is the copy and paste from the build sheet.

67H Heavy Service Suspension Package Includes: 125.00 110.00
Heavy Service Front Springs (1 Up Upgrade Above the Spring
Computer Selected as a Consequence of OptionsChosen. Not
Included if Maximum Springs Have Been Computer Selected as
Standard Equipment)
MANUFACTURER'S NOTE: Recommended only on vehicles which will
permanently utilize aftermarket equipment such as heavy-duty
brush guards or other apparatus which loads the front axle to the
specified gross axle weight rating (GAWR)
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