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stock head bolts.... what injector can i do?

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if at all possible has anyone run a small set of injectors for a while on stock head bolts with big oil?
how far can i push the edge getting like 35 lbs peak now with a small lag on the spool for even the 140 file
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i would get something like hybrids 530's
you can alwys get them detuned when you get
your chip reburned. injectors are expensive
and you don't want to buy diff ones later.
from what everyone has told me , the cab is the way to go...
easier then you think, they say you dont have to take it off as much as lift it some.

personally , I wish I had some h-11's to put on....course I don't have a reason too yet, but one day I will.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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