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As the title said, my '03 6.0L Excursion's factory liftpump/watersep is on its last legs.(Bastard needed a hook two days this week) I was considering going with the Airdog II as a replacement. I have a few questions that I couldn't find specific enough answers for using the search function.
1. How reliable are these units? I must have a vehicle that I can trust to fire when I need it. I cannot be 6 hours from home on a Sunday evening and need to be in the shop at Monday at 6 AM and not have a running vehicle.
2. How do they handle the elements? I live in NE Ohio and they put some EVIL stuff on the roads.
3. Can you completely remove the factory CF and just have the ADII in place? Some of what I have read says you are still using part of it for fuel return, but other places say that the ADII comes with everything needed to remove the factory unit.
4. What size unit? I have AFE Stg 2 Intake, 4" MRBP exhaust, Tuner with aggressive street tune, and will install larger fuel banjo bolts when I put in new pump. Won't be going further than that performance wise on the 6.0
5. Any advice for the purchase/install that I will need that I am failing to ask about?

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