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Steel shavings on the oil dipstick

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Well, as said before we got the oil leak fixed. Now we have discovered steel shavings in the oil. Gregrob might be on to something with the turbo going bad. The main question that I have aside from the turbo what else could be taking a beating from all of that loose steel moving around. The guy changed his oil every 15k or so, & ran it hard since he got it.:poke: So do you think we could rebuild the turbo with a kit like Bean has or will we have to get a another turbo? Also would the HPOP take a beating from the steel shavings too?
Just want to know what we are in for so we can tell the guy what he needs.
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We were checking out the turbo today & I'd say it's shot. A few of the fins have some pieces missing out of them & they are all black. There is more shaft play than usual too. We're not sure what to tell the guy. Just wondering if we can use a rebuild kit or be better off with another turbo?
What kind of air filtration system did this truck have? Was it ever maintained? You might want to check the compression in the cylinders because if there is that much damage to the compressor, I am guessing that the engine may have ingested quite a bit of dirt. Alternatively, he may have just run the turbo over it's rated boost and killed it that way.
How do you check the compression on a 7.3L Powerstroke?
There is an adapter that screws into the glowplug hole and allows you to assess the pressure.
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