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Thinking of going with some stacks. Would like to hear advice on what size to go with as well as how bad the cab noise is? :postwhore2:
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The sound also depends on the turbocharger. A larger A/R housing will drop the pitch and also lower the overall sound out the pipe.

If you were sitting in the corner of my bed right over my tailpipe you would have one helluva time actually hearing the engine note out the exhaust over the normal road noise I guarantee you. I have YET to actually hear the engine sound out the exhaust pipe with the compound turbo setup. Just keep in mind, that turbocharger selection makes an enourmous difference in tailpipe tone and overall "obnoxiousness". The stock .84 A/R housing is by far the most obnoxious bastard there is. I can't stand to hear them fluttering along with a straight pipe anymore. I would throw the van turbo on in a heartbead before I ran a stock, surging POS TP38 with that housing, IMO.

I personally think that the 38R with the 1.15 housing sounds incredably mean. Very nice sound.

As for stack(s), I'd stick with one. Why be a poser, you've only got one turbine outlet right...

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Josh's stack is pretty much the exact way I would do it if I ever lost all will power and put a stack on my truck :eek:, lol.

And with the 1.15 housing on the Van turbo his does have a nice, smooth, powerful sound to it.

Speakin of which, how's she runnin? Sorry I didn't make it to Commerce, I got this wild hair up my ass and drove out to Houston for this other diesel thing last weekend.....

1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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