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Splits vs. Singles

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For anybody that has actually swapped out splits for some comparable size singles - What kind of changes did you notice, especially on the noise?
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Well, noise definitely went up but I kinda like the sound better. Sounds more "healthy" to me.

Mileage, in town and towing is definitely up, I think the Terminator helps with that as well. In town I barely have to touch the throttle.

Freeway mpg, I honestly haven't had the chance to do a *good* test.
Example: I got 18.5 on the splits crusing at about 72mph mixed with some in town (denver) driving.

I have ran interstate with the singles, but never a whole tank that slow, usually 75-80 at least.

I do know it got 15.5 pulling a 20' gooseneck (empty), and it maybe would have done 12 before. I possibly attribute that to the 2 stroke oil I'm running as well.
If you're keeping a stock HPOP I would go with some 160cc stage 1 singles, or AC codes. (same thing AC's are just factory Int'l, 'Stage 1s' are reworked AA's from an aftermarket shop)

If you plan on twin HPOPs in the future you can go a little more fuel, like 180-195cc and if you keep a stock nozzle it's not too hot on a good tow burn.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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