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Let's hear your setups.

I have
Kenwood H/U
MP3, Sirius, HD Radio capable. 5v preamp outs, sub control, 3 band EQ, remote.

MB Quart components
I did a little custom work to my doors to make 6.5" speakers fit and installed these. Have the mids and crossovers mounted in the doors. Tweeters are mounted by the "sail panel" on the flat part of the door handle, in front of the window controls and angled toward the driver/passenger.
I have the crossovers attenuated to the highest settings. I like highs.

(2) JL Audio 10's
2 JL 10W1 subs mounted in a sub zero enclosures box made specifically for 99-03 crew cab super duties.
Sub zero's website is real top quality stuff.

JL mono block amp
Can't remember the wattage right now but it's a monoblock JL amp and pushes these subs hard at only about 70%

All in all a really good sounding combo I think. I love the component sounds, music just sounds so much different, clearer, more alive; better. For the kind of music I prefer Rock, Country, etc it sounds great. If I were a hard core rapper I'd need way more sub, but these 10's are an awesome compliment to the component sound I was looking for. Tight, quick hitting bass, not tubby.
The rear speakers are stock for now. My goal is to eventually get a set of Diamond Audio components for the front, and move the current MB Quarts to the rear.

So, that's my setup. What's yalls ??? :rockwoot:
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i have a te JVC chameleon headunit with ipod hookup, JL component speakers , mids and tweeters, a JL 800 4 channel powering those, and a 1300 watt 2 channel bridged to 2 ohm powereing a JL W7 10". sounds good but i'd like a different headunit.
JVC? WTF :lame: :supergay: :flipa: :swordfight:

Bigr's got one of those walmart sounds systems.

He said JL but he really meants DUB's
DUB 7's baby!!!!

I bet you can rattle some windaz in the hood with that $hit :rockwoot:.
The lo-pro Pioneer 12's really sound good behind Dennis' crewcab seat.

I know :D
1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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