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So, what next for a tow/daily driver?

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I've got tunes from DI, an AFE, and a 4" turbo-back magnaflow. I'm thinking big oil and then a IC?

The truck is my daily and tows my toys. Suggestions?
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Dave, I would be looking at big oil and a turbo. A turbo will probably help with egt's quite a bit and make it fun to drive. (ball bearing version)

Big oil will make a huge difference in throttle response, driveability and towing. It's awesome.

You could do a 6.0 intercooler (33% larger) unless you're going for some serious fuel.
i second what gregrob says. the 6.0 IC is a direct drop in, easy swap too. definitely go with a BB type turbo, cant go wrong
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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