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Not too sure who might be able to help, but I have the MPG MAX water meth kit installed on my 2004 F350 6.0... (part # 50015)

From what I gather in the instructions the MPG mode has a start point and a MAX point , where the operator will set a starting point (say 10psi) and a max point (say 20psi) where the controller will vary injection rate until it hits 20psi, where 100% inj rate is achieved...

Then after that there is the POWER MODE, where a second stage or nozzle can be utilized to inject a higher percentage at a specific boost point (say 25 psi)...

Since the 100% injection rate has already been achieved in the mpg mode, should the power mode already be at 100% to achieve maximum performance? Or does the kit automatically re adjust and ramp up as needed?? How do i have control of where the POWER MODE is injecting 100% at a specific boost point?

I cant remember what the kit or the controller did before as it has been a while since i had used MPG mode (I have been towing lots)....

Any help is appreciated!!
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