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Sneak Peak

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Well its getting there. Will be going in on Sunday :D

Figured I would clean it up alittle
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Thanks. Here's a side view.
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Joe, you saw how the pink paint was coming out, had to change it too yellow:D

Thats DI's up-pipes.
Very nice Kenny! I'll send you all the polishing work!:D

When is it going back in?:poke:
Thanks. I heard you were going to fly in on Sunday to help drop it in:poke:

You almost got the pumps back to polish them do such a nice job and I thought you said you liked to do them:lookaround:
Rattle can. looks really good in pics up close its not perfect.

The CAC tubes will be yellow too.

I will pick up another engine to play with, that will get twins:D
Sorry, I'll be busy in my own shop:(!:ford: You must have been talking to someone else about polishing, I would never say that.:doh:

In the shop!! not shaking your nuts:hehe:

I remember you saying you were going to polish all the pumps now:D
I wonder where your getting that engine?
Really its my old one. Yours....I mean my new one looks good in yellow;)
You wouldnt believe it Jason's engine just fell out.

I had the torch:D
Hey your making me sound like a clepto. If I borrow your engine it will be replaced with something that runs...........maybe not as fast but atleast driveable:D
Joey should have polished them for ya:poke: I thought you get a polish job with every purchase or maybe I misunderstood, it was some kinda job:D

Steve I changed my hood, no more dent.............BTW how did you get a dent in your hood?????:lookaround:
She is ALIVE
Couple of odds and ends to finish up, but she runs!!!! Didn't take to long to crank over. Should be on the road in a day or so!!!
Thanks, it was a nice to hear her fire off after being apart for 2 weeks.
Haven't had it on the street yet, few more things to take care of.
I did drive it around the yard at work and she feels good even in the stock setting:D
I'll get some pics of the finished product up later tonight.
Well here is a few before and after pics. I'm waiting on IC tubes, they will also be yellow. Video will be this weekend at Fall Brawl.

Joe, I know what you are talking about the paint, mine look like crap from blowing off and taking them out so many times. I wish I was closer to you, would have your truck running already:D

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:hehe: What you put one zip-tie on and you think you do good work!!!!

BTW the zip-tie fell off:poke:

I wish I took the pic of you sleeping under the truck, damn its hard to get good help these days:D
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Kenny, that looks real nice!:ford:
Thanks Joey.
Oh ####, I thought you put the oil in:doh:
Had it in about 10AM and able to start it about 6PM. I also had to finish plumbing the new fuel system and make a bracket for the fuel filter head, move the radiator back on the lower brackets, so there was some fabrication involved with dropping mine in. I would knock off about 2-3hrs from my time.
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