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Smoke on the Mountain IV - Oct 27th

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Bob V of NWBombers has planned this in the past, but is swamped with his kids activities.

Traditionally, this has been a mid to late October run up to Mt St Helens just before the Johnston's Ridge Observatory shuts down for the winter. This a "Team Diesel" event, meaning all brands welcome.

Here is pics from the two previous years I've made the run:

Smoke on the Mountain II (2005)

Smoke on the Mountain III (2006)

The day usually starts with a breakfast at Spiffy's where Highway 12 crosses I-5. Exit 68. GET THE BUFFET!

From there we begin our convoy heading East on 12 to Mary's Corner, then south on Jackson Highway to Toledo (Watch out for the motorcycle cop coming into town).

Then cruise Highway 505 to Spirit Lake Memorial Highway, stopping at the "Burried A-Frame" for a picture with bigfoot.

There are a couple of really cool places to pull over and get scenic shots with the trucks in the picture, and last year we kinda staged a few shots on the bridge as the weather was perfect.

Oh, and if you have a CB laying around, install it! Going on a BOMBvoy without a CB, is like going to a rock concert and being deaf. You miss out on a lot of fun.

The Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center does helicopter tours and glass blowing, but from what I can tell, they dont do that in October. They stop in September, but if there is enough intrest, maybe I can call and see if they'll set up a special glass blowing session or something.

The weather in late october is hit and miss. Last year was SUPER WINDY, but totally clear. The year before, there was snow on the side of the road and the Mt was hidden by fog and it was COLD.

Once at the top, everyone wanders around the visitor center, catches the movie, and then we all kinda head off on our own way home in a little more rag-tag groups.

At this point, it looks like its going to be the last saturday of October. The 27th. Thats been the favorite date over on Bombers so far, and I like it too.
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I hope to be able to make that trip next year, i want to take my wife up to the observatory so she can see the Mountain. what a site it is!
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