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Hey y'all, I'm posting here for the first time because I can't figure out what is causing the slight fluctuation in the idle of my 2001 7.3L, I bought it with 156,000 mi and it's at just over 162,500 mi now.

It had some issues and trouble codes and I have just been throwing shiny new parts at it in hopes that it would run properly馃, I've run off all the trouble codes but still have that pesky idle flux annoyance. I also have surge or "romps" in the morning on cold starts and sometimes randomly throughout the day on startups, but its worse in the mornings for sure. Also have noticed its a little rompy when I change from drive to reverse or vice-versa. and it'll get a little rompy when I come off the throttle driving slow around the neighborhood, not bad at all just slightly. So now I'm thinking its the IPR and I've ordered a new one that will come in tomorrow.

Here's a quick list of the things I've replaced on the truck myself since I bought it in October last year (2019), I'm just naming everything I've done in hopes someone smarter than me can piece together what may be causing this and can eliminate what I've already replaced.

-replaced all 8 injectors (due to bad o-ring on #7) decided on swamps set of injectors OEM split shot with a 5 year 200,000 mi warranty
-replaced all 8 glow plugs swamps set (figured why not while I had the valve covers off)
-replaced all 8 injector cups riff raff set (just wanted to for fun I guess)
-replaced both injector wiring harnesses with new OEM from swamps (UVCH's) (again no reason just figured I'd do it while the valve covers were off)
-replaced the ICP with new OEM(trying to fix idle, no luck)
-replaced the EBP sensor with new OEM, and the EBP tube (trying to fix idle again, no luck)
-replaced the turbo up-pipes to the bellowed up-pipes (had holes in the original)
-replaced the exhaust manifold with oem new set (had holes in the original)
-did a coolant flush with diluted water 8x and changed to an ELC (why not)
-replaced the camshaft position sensor with the NAPA gray cps (originally it had the gray motorcraft recall gray cps) and did't notice a change in idle so I changed again to the borg warner gray cps, but still no change in idle
-replaced power steering pump with new OEM (hard to turn when stopped)
-replaced fuel filter with OEM
-replaced air filter 6637
-replaced pulley belt with Gates
-done two oil changes, and two oil filter changes, first was to rotella T6 synthetic and the second was to rotella T5 synthetic blend (no change noticed at all between the two) (previous owner was running royal purple 15w40 full synthetic, and oil was pretty new when I did first change)

I have a new IPR in the mail hopefully that will fix it but I am beginning to wonder if it could be something more serious. There's no trouble codes popping up through all the tests my autoenginuity runs, and the slight blowby it has is constant and not strong enough to blow off the engine oil cap.

What do y'all think this could be caused by?

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How's the transmission fluid looking? Any shifting issues?

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After it shifts into 4th gear (automatic trans) it struggles a bit to get up to 55 mph not really bad enough to call for alarm to me though and after it reaches 55 mph it has plenty of power. Trans fluid looks reddish brown. Planning on replacing it soon with the filter. But honestly the fluid looks good for the amount of miles it鈥檚 at considering it鈥檚 probably never been replaced.
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