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Sitting in Chehalis, WA 1,000 Trails - Hoping truck will start tomorrow!

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Hey gang, here's the quick run down...

Truck needed to be cranked twice before we started our trip Friday, ran and towed fine all day.
Sat. morning took two attempts to cold start.
Sat. in Portland after sitting 3-4 hours took at least 4 cranks to start.
Ran about 80 mi. to Chehalis and stopped at restaurant.... lengthly cranking, many times before lit off.
Got to 1,000 trail campground and shut off. Tried immediate restart, once, no start.
will sit until tomorrow and hopefully lite off in the A.M.

Runs fine once started.
WTS light cycles shorter than norm but comes on.
Plenty of oil, 4k old
CPS swapped even tho tach reads, no effect.
Swapped IDM since I had one, no effect.
IPR is less than one year old.
Discon ICP, still no start
Brand new chip installed Thurs - pulled it out at reastaurant yest. no effect.
No black smoke when finally lites off, so its not injecting... whether electrical or lack of HPO. Susp. electrical since chip was recent change. Again, I did pull the chip.
I have electric fuel system and have 60+ psi fuel pressure when cranking.
Cranks strong, especially after 80 on freeway, so don't susp batteries.
EASE scanner is with me but dead.

Will hope that extended cranking will lite off tomorrow...
Any obv. thing I haven't checked?

Thanks! WiFi not accessible from camp, but with check back...!


***Will check level in HPOP reservior and have jumper cables on it when I try tomorrow!
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unplug the ICP sensor

check wiring harness to IPR and make sure nut is tight on the back

you really need a scanner :(
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