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My stock CD/radio/Tape player is slowly dying. It plays everything just fine; it's the loading a new CD that gives it trouble. Whenever I eject a disc, it won't immediately accept a new one. It will click and such like the reader is trying to read it but can't, and then it ejects it. It used to take a 5 minute or so wait until it'd accept a new disc, but now it's up to about 6 hours before it will take a new one.

The problem with this is I end up listening to one CD over and over, since it's a pain to swap, and get sick of the songs.

I'm looking for a simple new unit that will play CD, am/fm radio, and has an auxiliary stereo input for things like an ipod. It doesn't need flashy graphics moving around, or a big screen, or anything... just something simple and as inexpensive as possible. Anyone have anything they like and would like to share about? Thanks!

PS - I'll still be sticking with stock everything else, since my speakers and such all sound fine, still. It'd be nice to get some aftermarkets but would rather not spend the money on them right now.
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