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Well, my 02 CCLB 7.3 is at 170K. She is starting to feel a bit on the sluggish side despite what is done to her. SCT switch chip, 4"turbo back, Extreme Impeller wheel, K&N drop in filter, 4" lift on 35's. At 200k she is going to go in for a major check up to determine my next move. That is what I am in the process of researching and am having trouble finding the answers to all of my questions. Namely engine pricing.

If it is determined that she needs a rebuild I would be going all out on the long block (forged rods an aftermarket pistons, fire rings, All ARP Hardware, comp 910's, etc) or converting to a 98.5-02 24v cummins. I would be doing as much of the work myself as possible.

What would overall be the least expensive route to go?
What could make the most reliable power?
Any and all opinions would be appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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