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I have my 96 7.3 supercab, but the wife wants to try and make babies this year and I'll need the crew cab soon enough. I use the 7.3 sparingly to tow the toy hauler and RZR to the dunes. Fully loaded the trailer may weigh 10k. I have a small tacoma as my daily driver that gets pretty good mileage.

I found an Arizona rust free, 2 owner F350 Lariat 6.0 (original owner was the guys uncle). He is asking $9,000 obo...
- 193k miles
- original motor and tranny
- everything is stock
- truck has done very occasional and light towing - under 5k lbs.
- CC long bed with 4x4
- never had a chip or gauges
- White exterior and all leather tan interior - looks to be in good shape outside and in

I have heard the horror stories over in the 7.3 forum, but I wanted to get both sides of the story. I dont want to make a ton of horsepower, I just need a reliable tow rig that wont leave my wife and kids on the side of the highway.

If taken care of and properly set up, do these motors go 300k + like the 7.3 is famous for? and how much money will it cost me to get it set up and remedy all of the 6.0 weak links???

Thanks in advance guys, I know I am asking a lot, but the people in this forum are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable!

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Sounds like a decent deal.. for me knowing where the vehicle came from and that it's been cared for properly is worth the extra money. That being said there are a few issues unique to the earlier 6.0.

The main ones being:
Head issues
Oil pump
Head gaskets

To be honest, all 6.0's will eventually need to have the head gaskets and EGR addressed. The other items are unique to the earlier version of the 6.0.

If the truck is clean and we'll cared for I'd go for it but keep in mind you'll probably need to drop another 6-7k into it to have the issues identified above addressed.

If you do address them that truck should go to 500k or better. I totally plan on running mine that long.

If you had those items fixed and listed the truck at 15k you'd sell it in a heartbeat. I wouldn't worry about that.

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