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Short Throw Shifter for ZF6 (Review)

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Just wanted to voice the fact that I ran the BD short throw shifter this entire week since last saturday and was never more impressed with ease of shifting and control as when I put the STOCK assembly back in yesterday...

Upon installation I refused to even use the hardware that came with the kit. I instead used some class 12 recessed allen head bolts identical to the OEM pieces except obviously in length. It came with maybe grade 5 hex head bolts with cheezy washers under the heads. Theres no room for that bs next to the tower (not comfortably) and besides, I could just see one of those breaking off in the transmission case. Not to mention the "That just looks cheese-dick" aspect that I wasn't willing to accept.

Anyway, no big deal, swapped out the hardware and it went in fine.

Problem is, it moved the damn shifter up about an inch :eek:. That's real professional. Totally threw off the ergonomics of the shifter. So you imediately feel like you just sat down in an OTR tractor, or an old dumptruck.....not exactly performance inspiring to say the least.

But the biggest issue was the fact that it shifted like crap. The shifts felt like crap, and the shifting effort made it feel even worse. Obviously this is due to the sacrificed leverage for the sake of increased travel speed.

Basically, if they had wanted to do this right they wouldn't have changed the ratio that far (too hard to shift, and pattern was actually too tight for a big tranny to work properly) and they would have SHORTENED the damn shaft accordingly. OR.....for damn near 300 bucks they could include a new freakin shifter lever altogether.

Not well designed, although other than the issue with the chezzy hardware, it was well made.

Just wanted to get that out there in case anyone else might be swayed to give it a try as well.

Stock assembly is 300% smoother and more controllable IMO.

Two Cents
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That was my hope in writing it.
I would have saved some money I guess, but if it is truly the same thing, then at the end of the day I would simply have a 185 dollar POS rather than the 289 dollar POS that I have now because it's not worth having no matter the cost.

Or to put it another way.....if you would pay me 300 dollars to put it in and leave it, I would tell you to screw yourself, lol.
I think it also has to do with them not having the Sac to admit they waisted nearly 300 dollars and wish to hell that they could somehow stomach the idea of actually putting it back to stock and enjoying their tranny once again.

You'd be amazed at the stupid things people will deal with because someone said it is "supposed" to be better than stock.

Early chip "tuning" with the EOT table comes to mind, along with "injector rattle"......cough, cough....blown ass engines with hanus timing.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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