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I need help if anyone has a Ford comparable scanner or AE. I'm in Redwood City mid way up, the Peninsula. Recently experienced the following.

It's a 2000 f250 7.3L 6 speed with TS Chip, rebuilt turbo with riff raff billet wheel and 360 degree thrust bearing. It's run amazing since I installed the T500 a few years back and I've only had the TS chip on for a year and half with not one hiccup.

I was driving on the hwy the other day with full power and everything running normal and suddenly lost power so I pulled over and turned the key off then restarted and everything was fine with full power back. Got back on the hwy and drove another 10 miles before completly loosing power again. The truck will start and idle rough but lacks power. I was able to feather the throttle and made it home on side streets. Max speed was maybe 35mph and that was with me carefully shifting through the gears. It feels like a fuel problem or possible the high pressure oil pump. The last time the HPOP went out it completly failed all of the sudden. It's throwing a code but my reader is useless with this make and model. So far I think the low pressure fuel pump is fine and isn't very old. I'll hook up, a gauge as soon as I have the correct fittings, but it fills the fuel bowl fine and sounds strong. I have a T500 that is maybe 3-4 years old now. I replaced all the fuel injector orings when I rebuilt the heads 6 years ago and I rebuilt the turbo a year and a half ago. It has a TS chip and I can tell it is still functioning as I can switch between stock and high idle and it changes the idle speed.

Is there anyone in the area that can help me diagnos the problem? If so a case of beer and a new friend might be in your future. Thanks in advance!
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