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If you're a SCUBA diver, this is one helluva deal. We received two vouchers last year when we purchased our equipment and we aren't going to have the time (or money) to take two trips this year.

The AquaLung Gear Up and Go Program offers you up to a $1550 travel voucher depending on where you go and there are no blackout dates. The least expensive voucher is $850 so you're saving AT LEAST $425 and as much as $1125!

Gear Up & Go!

YouTube - Aqualung Gear Up and Go Dive Travel & Scuba Gear Promotion

Save up to $1,550in Wakatobi*
Save up to $1,200in Palau*
Save up to $980in Grand Cayman*
Save up to $850in Bahamas*

The voucher must be redeemed by 10/20/2010.

Participating resorts are:

Wakatobi Dive Resort
Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas (Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort)
Red Sail Sports Sunshine Suites Grand Cayman
Palau Pacific Resort (Fish ‘n Fins Palau)

*No blackout dates; subject to resort/dive operator availability. A minimum stayrequirement may apply, contact participating destinations for details and travel arrangements.

For more information, visit Gear Up & Go!

Wakatobi Dive Resort
Wakatobi Dive Resort - Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Palau Pacific Resort
[email protected]
Palau Hotel Resort - Palau Pacific Resort - Palau Pacific 5 Star Resort Hotel

Fish ‘n Fins, Palau
Welcome to Fish 'n Fins - Scuba Diving in Palau
Scuba Diving with Palau's True Liveaboards Ocean Hunter

Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman
Sunshine Suites Resort
[email protected]
Cayman Islands Diving, Cayman Islands Sailing - Red Sail Sports

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
800-879-9832 (US & Canada only)
954-524-5755 (in the USA)
[email protected]
Stuart Cove?s Dive Bahamas Scuba Diving Nassau Bahamas Best Snorkeling Adventures

Please call Mike at 813-995-5678
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