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I pulled some codes recently and got these:

I did a CCT and got
0269 cylinder #3
0284 cylinder #8

I had some additional codes but I forgot to write them down.:(
I installed recently new UCVH, valve cover gaskets, glow plugs, BDP injectors, new donuts for the up-pipes, 38 GTPR and a BDP chip. It ran badazz the first couple of days but it is now running rough.

The truck idles like [email protected] and sounds like its missing. I've double checked everything including the UCVH/injector connections, wiggled this and that w/ no solution.

I did unplug the ICP and it ran just the same and I noticed that there is oil in the electrical connections.

I've read here that oil in the ICP sensor can be an indicator that it is shot.

I have an AE arriving any day now but I'm curious what tests should I run or what should I look for to get things fixed. I'll clear all the codes first, do a buzz test and another CCT but how shall i test the ICP and the IPR?

I've never used an AE so i'm hoping to get some advice. I've been fixing odds and ends lately and I'm really, really tired..... I have days where I no longer want to drive my truck.

I need some input guys

What else?
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Have you checked to make sure the injector hold down bolts are still tight?

After that I would write down any codes you have, clear them, and then drive it and see if they come back. The codes you have are most likely from when you were getting it fired up after installing your new parts, unless you cleared them between the first fire and the last time you checked codes.

Also look HERE for a link to a list of trouble codes, and be sure to check out the rest of the Library, it's full of very useful information!


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Dave's advice is right-on. After you get AE, clear the codes and see what comes back.

Is your SES light on? Does it come on during WOT runs? If so, could be a byproduct of your tuner.

Do not worry at this point about the CCT failing #3 and #8 if you've got any of the newer CPS's. Apparently, they all (Ford and Intl) will cause this.

Oil in the ICP is not a good sign and it probably should be replaced. However, it may not fix your problem. Since you already ordered AE, you'll be able to read ICP pressures. Post what you find and one of the experts here will be able to tell you whether to replace the ICP now or if you can wait. Given there's oil in the sensor, its not a matter of if you replace it, its a matter of when. When you do replace it, you'll get it cheaper from a site sponsor than a local dealer.

Focus on the P1316 - IDM codes detected. Once you get AE, run a buzz test on a cold engine. That will display the IDM codes.

Great write-up here on using AE AEFAQ

Let us know what you come up with.
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