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Hello all I'm looking for some advice. Here is a Vid of a neutral rev. and the engine doing "its thing".

I'm trying to find a problem with my truck that it has had for a few years now. When the truck is warm. It will...

-Idle rough
-Misses/Hesitates 14-1600 RPM light pedal.
-Surges sometimes down the road and especially if you hold a certain RPM in neutral.
-when you let off the pedal its not a smooth decel.
-When acclerating slowly in O/D you can feel it apply torque and then kind of hit a flat spot and sputter a bit until more pedal is applied then its like a light switch.

Its seems to be getting worse. Expecially after switching back to Delo 15/40 from 5/40 Rotella. It always did it. Just more pronounced with 15/40.

What I have done so far.
New inj. O-rings
Fuel Crossover
In-tank mods
New Engine Oil Temp sensor and connector.
Black and Grey CPS.
New UVCH's
New foot pedal

Buzz test comes up with failed IDM but not all the time. Is this normal?
CCT passes with flying colors with black CPS.
Rot. Velocity - 2,3 show up to 2.5 at times. 3,4,5 creep up around 1.2.

ICP seems to be ok 460-488 and 12% at idle. The HPOP will hold 2800 full load. Sometimes cold it will do it. It becomes audible but still run ok for the first few miles. Sometimes it will run great.

I have AE. This weekend I'm going to pull the valve covers and check the injectors while its running. Can you unplug these injectors one by one?

Any input is appreciated. I'm really coming to a head with this truck. Its either sink a ton into it to start eliminating the expensive parts or cut my losses.

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I would replace the idm.
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