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I have a 2006 F-250 6.0L PSD with 123K on it. It was running great on 2/14/14. Went and fueled up, using Ford Motorcraft Cetane Improver as always. Went to work and started up on 2/15/14 and truck is running like crap.
Checked my Edge CTS Insight and pulling 3 codes.
Truck has been probably over maintained according to some. Running Shell Rotella T6 for over 5 years. Fuel filters and oil changed 4000 miles ago. I did some searching on here and most have been saying it is electrical. So is possibly my P0299 code coming from the issues with the injector codes? I am planning on taking it in for service. Anything I should be expecting from the dealership? Anybody else run into something like this
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