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At engine startup I see a rough idle for about 15 seconds and the boost will only go between 16-22psi max when towing now?

Last week I installed a EGR block off plate and had no issues for the first 150 miles. At about 150 miles my check engine light came on but I saw no other issues and just figured it was an EGR code. Today when pulling a 12k trailer about 60 miles into the trip I noticed it took alot more pedal to maintain speed and then saw my boost was abnormaly low. After checking everything on the side of the road and seeing no issues I took off again and could only make it up the mountains at about 50-55mph where it used to go 65 easily.

My boost when towing used to get up to 28-34psi, and just today I noticed the rough idle at startup for the first few seconds.

Any ideas?
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