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Rotors for the 99 Power Stroke . Whats out there ?

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After over 22 . 23. years My F350 Deservs the upgraded brake rotors for the front and rear . Have the rear pads shown to be a needed upgrade for the system ? The truck has 180 000 on and the rotors have been replaced years ago . Let us know your thoughts and what has worked well for you . What did not work ? Thanks in advance .. Gov Holmes
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I've used powerstop a lot on past vehicles. They have a nice look with the plated rotors staying shiny and the drilled/slotted look if you want. But they are on the cheap side of "performance" brake companies and tend to be noisy and squeaky. They use low quality iron that warp and pulstate easily. I'm a fan of Centric's posi-quiet line. They are the longest lasting, lowest dusting, quietest brakes we can give customers and I use them on my vehicles when I can. They bite and perform very well too. In fact they are the only known company to complete their rotors in the USA. (All rotors are made in China), however Centric does final machining in house and commissions a higher quality iron. Makes for long life without warpage. Not as sexy as drilled/slotted set... but those who know quality know.
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