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Rotors for the 99 Power Stroke . Whats out there ?

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After over 22 . 23. years My F350 Deservs the upgraded brake rotors for the front and rear . Have the rear pads shown to be a needed upgrade for the system ? The truck has 180 000 on and the rotors have been replaced years ago . Let us know your thoughts and what has worked well for you . What did not work ? Thanks in advance .. Gov Holmes
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My build date listed on the door. 4 99 My friend likes his brakes on his chivvy truck and looks like i will also .. The build date i made by a week , just send money ? Gov Holmes
Jax I am leaning towards the power stop as well . I made the build date by a week . My chivy friend used the kit containing the complete front and back components and he likes them . The package label for towing etc , It has been several years since he went with the power stop brand and no problems with them Thanks again Jax . Gov Holmes
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Found on inspection bad wheel bearing on front spindle . Have not pulled the spindle or bearings off yet . What wheel high temp grease in a tube should i look for ? there has to be many brands out there are of quality . Used C R C on my ball joints , high temp of course . Jax you home ? CRC is not available also will use to lube for wheel bearings and ball joints as well . GOV HOLMES
Now I know why some posts go lame , I foregot ? Woundup with a complete unit as that is how they do things these days for the front 4x4 spindle . The brakes all the way around have been replaced with the power stop package . Added rebuilt brake calipers and the fancy pads included with the drilled and slotted rotors . Ben driving it for a month or so , just to day set the pads as instructed by heating them with frequent stops to seat the pads. In case your into that procedure it takes a long lonely road . Many more later . Gov Holmes
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