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Appreciate the access and sharing of knowledge. Thanks.
I'm between 65 acres w/ a cabin in the Catskills and a Lake Roussea retreat on the Gulf of Mexico.
In January, I purchased a well maintained '06 F-350 Lariat CC SB SRW Fx4 with 111,+++ clocked. It'll be my daily driver with occassional heavy towing.
Upon viewing a class-action lawsuit add against Ford/Navistar pointed solely at the 6.0 by an Attorney Goldwater, my research began. The intricate 'issues of' and 'solutions for' the 6.0 led me to call upon experienced folks such as yourselves. As you all know, there are vast aftermarket upgrade components and suppliers with significant price spreads. Specialty shop advice sometimes seems driven by their stocked provisions.
Since the truck has been sound, I had planned on a future teardown/rebuild after compiling parts for a full performance upgrade with 500-600 RWH reliably in mind.
During coolant backflush and full fluids service, I discovered some minor intake manifold and valve cover leaks. The teardown to crankcase has revealed common issues (EGR valve sooting, head gaskets just holding, glow harness wear, turbo play, etc) nearing failures without cross-contamination.
I now find myself somewhat pressed with a commitment to care for my Mom and settle my recently deceased Father's estate. I'd be ambitious to a fault to execute upgrade 'multiple choice'. Without time to crunch years of diesel knowledge and experience plus research and developement into days, I'd appreciate your assistance. I'll start a new thread of inquiry in 'Aftermarket and Performance' unless you recommend a more appropriate Forum.
I've considered the possibilities that an unmolested and in-tact '06 (built Jan 26,2006) 6.0 presents to those in 'the know'. I'm fully respectful of your hard earned knowledge and potential advice and guidance!
I know that I've enjoyed creating turbocharged bike buildsheets and hope that the blank canvas approach affords the opportunity to create the best list based upon years of R & D from those here fully immersed in the total 6.0 solutions.
Best regards.
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