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I need your truck. My punk ass pos got handled by a stock LMM (stock bazooka exhaust tip). Yep thats right, I got owned. I went to the big town of manhattan ks, just cruising along minding my own business when all of a sudden i ended up next to a sweet lookin GMC duramax. He pulled up to me at the light and kept rolling forward, it was obvious he was out to tear up daddies truck. At the green light, spraying water and all, i got raped. That punk biotch pulled 3-4 lengths on me... quick. Theeen the turbo lit, half way across the major intersection my truck passed his dumbass sideways. the 325's can be broke loose (and my ass was ####ting a brick) lol. Poor prick turned off the very next light, i think i hurt his feelings lol. Just got some new burns from Tony tonight and of course had to test them out. Once again, he stepped it up. Will have some new video this weekend from the ford/buick shootout.:D
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I've been beat off the line by a stock LBZ too, he hooked and I sat there boiling the back tires :doh:
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