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Road trip survival kit.

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Let's hear what some of you guys carry on cross country or long trips.

I know I will be assembling a "kit" to keep with me which will include everything that could possibly strand me.
Of course some things aren't practical to carry like engines & trannies, but most common stuff can be toted along without too much hassle.

What I have:
High Pressure O rings. #5 n #6 BOSS, Viton. These have already saved me.

What I want:
I want to get a small plastic case, like a gun case with foam in it, and carry a spare PCM (which I have to acquire) and a spare IDM (which I have).
ICP sensor
Turbo ped O rings
Fan Belt
Radiator hoses
Idler pully
Alternator (possibly)
Fuel filter
Fuel pump

Now for the tools end of it. I have a basic tool kit that folds up in a plastic case, plus additional deep well sockets. What all should I have?

Also, what should a person add or subtract from this list?
In case you haven't noticed, I don't like being broken down without a way to fix it....

Let's hear your thoughts.
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ICP sensor?? If it goes bad you can unplug it and run just fine without it.

Fuel pump and alternator would be pretty pricey to have stashed in the truck. But I guess if you were on the road all the time it wouldn't be a bad idea.

A few quarts of oil and tran's fluid wouldn't be a bad idea either, along with the good old stand by JB Kwik :hehe: and probably some RTV
yep, yep, yep. All good stuff I forgot.
I actually did have about 5 gals of oil with me. Blow a HPO o ring and a new one does you no good unless you can fill the truck back up.
Hey BTW what was it that had you stranded in Nebraska a while back. I never did hear what the cause of the problem was.
That was part of it. Rear pump had issues too. All good though now, fixed. :rockon:
all our over the road psd carry, spare cps, spare belt, spare tire, tools, gallon of oil, gallon of antifreeze, flash light, and tools, fire extinguisher other then that you should be able to get something in the area if it breaks down.
I have a cps 1 gal of oil ,extra belt and just water. So far I have never needed any of that driveing across the usa.
Duck tape and vise grips just in case you have to do this.

I drove 600 miles like that.
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LOL was that holding the lead on your alternator? How'd it break?
Don't forget toilet paper! You never know when and where you'll be stranded. :hehe:
You use toilet paper? :supergay:
corn cobs works, i prefer socks , then underwear before going to cob route
really? I just butski down the side of the road.
Long grass in the summer time feels good
I am putting a kit right now as we speak for my move from Alaska to Texas. So far I got the tools figured out, oil, 3.5T floor jack, jack stands, and some IC boot clamps (those left me stranded last trip, now everyone of them are double clamped). Also I threw in a tub of grease, and a 6 gal. fuel can.
Yep sure is. I dont know how it happen but the lead came loose and started arcen. and it welded the the nut to was was left of the stud and burn the end off the wire. so I took a pair of visegrips and clamped to together and use duck tape to support to the heater hose. and drove it from oklahoma to indiana like that. it broke at two in the morning on a sunday morning so I knew there was no getting a new one. that pic was taken when I got home after the trip. but it worked.
fire extinguisher
That is one of the most valuable tools you can carry! :rockwoot:
I agree, and I really need to get one.
Don't forget the most important item in any survival kit.......

A pistol with some extra clips.
Don't forget your cel phone and your AAA card. :D
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