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rims and tires

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well im planing on getting some rims and tires but the thing is i have 35s and my truck is fast but i have a 6 inch lift and i can fit 37s but i still want it to be fast and not want to loose speed and things like that wat do i do :(
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ok i have to replace my lsd so wheni do that i can do the gears then wat would you recomend
ok now what site do you think willl have it and at a fairly good price
ok i dont ow wat to get i need to get this crap and the stuff im looking at i have no clue like the number i went on but cannot find or honestly i dont now wat to get i need help wat all do i need someone plz help
ok thanks anyone now and vendors or anyhting i have no clue were to get umm
ok well do you suggest anyplace to get this stuff i need some one mentioned no suggest anywere else
ok thx now 1 big ? i think its a stupid one but idk when i get this gear set up do i get it for front and rear or just rear i have not a clue
well if i do both wat if i plan to put a dana in it will have have to get all new or just keep the same like axels and things jsut keep all stock oem parts just upgraded lsd and gears no dana
no wat im saying is that people said they've broken axles because of the new lsd and so much power like wat am i able to get to replace that from happing or cross that bridge if it happins
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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