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The truck is my daily driver and I had fun doing the restore. I’ve decided that since I am in college and have bills I should sell my pride and joy “Vidalia.”

I purchased this truck from the original owner in November of 2010. I have the factory/dealer paperwork to include:

Owner card/pre delivery service record

Consumer truck camper loading document

Original dealer (Arizona) temporary registration plate

1984 Ford truck owner’s booklet

4 wheeling with Ford owner’s manual/pamphlet

Original warranty pamphlet

Original Uniroyal tire replacement pamphlet

Original cruise control documents

Original insurance document dated 06/27/1984

Original window sticker sheet

1984 Ford truck operating guide

Original Earnhardt’s dealer, sales representative card

Original Carlite glass replacement rebate pamphlet

Original pamphlet/information book plastic storage bag

Factory build/options sheet

I’ve also got most of the original owner receipts, emissions reports, as well as registration and title information sheets.

It appears that the original owner was a Ford employee as referenced by the paperwork having his Ford employee id number on them.

Nice custom edition in 1984 which allowed the purchaser to cherry pick the best options from all of the models (xl, xlt, lariat, etc.) 8500 GVW.
It has a rare, retractable under hood light. Map pockets on the bottom of the doors. Captain's chairs with center console. Rear bench seat that folds down flat into a "bed." or storage area. Rare, uncracked, unfaded dash pad. (not a cap or a cover.)

Power Steering and brakes.

Manual windows and locks.

Has a tach, trip and odometer which reads a bit under 37k

In the ten months that I have owned Vidalia, I have done an extensive amount of work.

What’s been done:
New Holley 4160 600cfm carb, electric choke, with vacuum secondaries.
Mr. Gasket Carb spacer plate, for clearance and for better atomization of the fuel mixture, and lastly to reduce temperatures in the bowl a bit.
Spark plugs

Spark Plug wires/coil wire
Distributor Cap
New coil
New fender mounted ignition module, DS2
Cloyes double roller timing chain, and gears
New timing cover/oil pan gasket
New water pump gasket
New thermostat and gasket
New starter
New upper and lower radiators hoses
New valve cover gaskets
New brake booster and master cylinder
New clutch, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, pressure plate, and surfaced flywheel.
New clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, and clutch slave to master hose
Kenwood deck with aux/usb port, as well as Kenwood door speakers 5.25
New headlight switch
New floor dimmer, high, low switch.
New washer fluid pump
New headlights, marker lights, and turn signals (housings and bulbs).
New rear window weather strip
New vent window weather strip
New side window/door weatherstrip
New hood to cowl weatherstrip
New bulbs in the cluster, dome, and dash lights.
Custom .357 lock covers
Gun rack in the back window
Replaced the seat belts, with new black ones
New fuel pump/sender in the front tank. I had them dropped and boiled out.
Radiator flushed
New temperature/coolant sending unit
Alternator, voltage regulator
New alternator belt
Had a brand new tinted windshield installed, small crack on the top center
New wiper blades
New fuses, and relays
New drive line u-joints, front and rear.
New oil and filter
New air filter
New coolant
New windshield washer fluid
New door strikers
New fuel filter
New brake fluid, and clutch fluid, and power steering fluid
New tie rod ends, and drag link
Powder coated mirrors, and hangers
Rhinolined Warn ( I believe Enforcer) winch bumper, that is no longer available for purchase
Side steps, black unsure of brand
New heater core hoses
Five matching 235 tires like new.

I’ve got all my receipts, in total about 4 or five inches thick. In addition to the previous owner paperwork.
The left side captains chair has a tear on the underside of the left arm rest, its along the seam and about 3 inches in length. Otherwise the chairs and good with no wear, or breakdown.

The ignition switch rods are worn (common on these years). Simply rotate the switch forward a bit.
Couple of small paint scratches/chips but nothing major.

Interior is black, exterior is International Flame Red (Red orange type color) with rhinoline for the lower rocker panels, and center door stripe, with custom barbwire pinstripe above the fender stripe.

Overall its a solid truck, as referenced by the almost 400-800 man hours or more spent on it. I would venture about 100 hours on the interior alone. The truck could use some fine tuning on the carburetor, and timing if you out for optimal performance. The truck does have AC, the selector switch works, but the pump has no belt on it, never bothered to investigate more as I don't use forced ac, only 4-60 (four windows at 60 mph) AC. I have cruise control parts, servo, switch, lines etc(not sure on condition). I pulled them when I purchased the vehicle because I never use cruise control, only need my brain and right foot. I've got the factory air pump, lines, fittings and hoses I will include. I've got a spare grill, maybe some headlight surrounds, factory tail lights, and harness. I've got a set of 1984 factory shop manuals for this year that cover engine, trans, brakes, electrical, emissions (although this is exempt being 8500 pounds so it has none)

It gets a 56 on Auto Check.

I want $6000OBO with my flatbed, and I will take less if the buyer just wants a cab and chassis.

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