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repair or restore?

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Ok my 01 f250 7.3 with 134k brand new turbo, all new selenoids ,new transmission, new and working alternator. 2 new batteries and cables. dropped and cleaned out tank. new steering resivoir, new coolant tank new hydro boost.and hydra chip. sealled cold airintake box. 6inch lift .on 35 12.50 20r the other day it would not start waited till around 10 am it starts . but feels like i lost half the power it had. lots of blow by spitting out oil from tailpipe. rough running and now vibration when ever i step on it. starts every time snce the one time it didnt. took it in and was told it needs to be restored not repaired. Dam thing only has 130k and i put 30k on it but it has been rough from day one . i was told 30k to do what needs to be done !!!!!! if true anyone want a 7.3 ? with a brand new $4000 interior? lol Nah im into her way to deep now so anyone tell me how muchto overhaul it or how much a brand new engine cost and where i csn find one. Im all in Any help is much appreciated..
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Just take your pick of a good used engine. Find the lowest miles/price that you can, have it swapped in. About $20,000 cheaper.
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$30,000 is why not, but it’s up to you. My 02 is at 247,000 and purring like a kitten. If you get a good take out from a wrecked vehicle, it will likely be fine.
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