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Reg Cab Dually conversion

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Ive been collecting parts for a month of so, slowly getting everything I need to make my regular cab longbed 2wd into a reg cab longbed 4x4 dually. As of now I have a dually sterling, dually hubs and rotors, and rear fenders... wheels tires ect ect....

Dually sterling, regeared to 3.55, not limited slip tho

I also got the front clip off the parts truck, same color code as my truck with a perfect pass fender, and f350 xlt badges:D

Rear dually fenders off the parts truck

New kingpin rebuilds and spicer u-joints while im at it, also a pro-comp steering stabilizer

That takes care of the front, the rear will come later in the week or this weekend...

Along with this when I get time:D
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man that looks awesome!
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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