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Rear Diff Fluid

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I've got Super Tech in there from &8^### mart right now.

My "FRIEND" :poke: gave it to me so I put it in.

Is this decent stuff? What's the best out there.

Also, I'm running NO LS additive, for a while truck didn't chatter or anything and will hook up both tires, on blacktop everytime.

Now I think I have a chatter when I turn. Hope I didn't hurt anything. :( How much LS additive should I add to start with? 2 oz ?

I want just enough to stop the chatter but want it to still hook up.
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I am running fine on three spider gears. Have been for over a year. Both wheels lock up good, at least I think they do. When I stand on the brake and the go pedal at the same time, then let off the brake, I leave four black marks on the pavement.
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