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Ran out diesel, crank no start, now massive oil leak

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Hey guys!

I figured I’d post questions here since I was always **** canned and told to give up my truck to a better owner on You know, though the previous owner Jerry rigged the whole truck.

Anyways, our 2002 F350 7.3L is my husbands daily right now. When he was coming home from the other week the truck ran out of diesel. Previous owner installed a 15 inch pickup on a 18 inch deep aux tank. We’re assuming they was the issues after he was pulled home and we traced the fuel system and put on a new fuel pump since it was whining anyways. After all that and air primed from her, STILL crank no start.

We blew an oil leak upon cranking from the pedestal and we’re doing an Ebpv delete. Previous oil gasket maker’d in everything and stuck gasket maker on a broke ebp sensor to make it clip. They installed a crossover line and upon removing to get the turbo there really wasn’t any oil in it but a few drops. We lost probably 3 quarts. All oil in the valley was near the turbo and hpop “felt” dry to me. Our weep oil was clogged with old oil so I’m guessing there’s been a slow leak, that would explain the wet starter scenario. The valley was a bath at the turn no and hardly any oil near the hpop but it was mixed with fuel from purging the bowl. Would a turbo pedestal blow out that large cause no oil to rails or crank no start? I want to go over everything we can while the turbo is off just incase it’s not just the turbo. We will be checking hpop level today. It was been raining here for 2 weeks straight and we have no garage.Please don’t **** can me for asking “dumb” questions if you find them dumb!

The trucks name is Humpty Dumpty- because Humpty Dumpty always has great falls and all the kings horse and all the kings men (us) can’t put Dumpty back together again (for long it seems). She’s a Oxford white lemon.

Looking forward to some replies!
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Welcome to PSN

do you have a code reader to read the codes with ( having codes to look at makes things much easier for us)
if you don't have a code reader Forscan is a good option

I don't know much about the Super Duty 7.3's but I will try to help you
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It could have a reman tag on it ( but that doesn't tell us how the mechanic estimated the mileage)
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