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When I do my intercooler here soon, I'm going to add a 6.0 trans cooler. But I have some questions.
I know from reading some posts, that you are very adamant about not bypassing the stock radiator cooler.
Question 1- do you recommend running the fluid 1st thru the air to oil cooler, which would cause it to pass thru the stock cooler last before returning to the trans? Or, do you recommend running it thru the radiator 1st?

2- Which direct direction does the fluid flow? Which line is pumping the fluid out, and which one does it return thru?

3- I keep hearing about the need of a thermal bypass of some kind so the the fluid temps don't get too cold in a winter climate like where I live. (Michigan). Is this necessary? And if so, where do I find such a thing, and how do I hook it up?

4- What about line size? Are the factory lines really big enough to move a good volume of fluid, or do you recommend going to a larger diameter line size?

The truck currently gets very little cold weather driving. But that will be changing, and I'll be using the truck year around soon for pulling a 40' goose neck trailer. But of course, It won't always have a trailer behind it causing the fluid to get hot.

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