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I bought a 97 f-250 4x4 5 speed. I was going to use it as a parts truck but i really like the truck. Its a super clean truck. It has a brand new hpop, lift pump brand new clutch system (everything brand new from the clutch to the pedal). The tires are brand new, new u-joints, new self locking hubs etc. etc. lots of new parts. Really nice interior with no rips in the seats. The motor and turbo got dusted out. So i`m thinking bore it and rebuild it.

My question is how much does the machine work cost for these engines to get bored out and check the heads? I would love to do a total rebuild, but would i be better off buying a pull out motor? Is there anywhere to get all the specs on a rebuild, like tq specs etc. I have seen some rebuild kits on ebay for like $950 or a grand. Has anyone taken this on and how much did it cost to build it back to like stock condition?

The only things i would do to it aftermarket would be DIY stage 1`s and a downpipe. So basically it would be a stock rebuild....

Thanks in advance for any replies, Roger.
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