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Question on my air intake set up

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right now I have a 4 inch pipe that goes to the first boot on the turbo deleted the ccv section and I have the big 6637 filter. Also made a ram air box with a tube from the front behind the grille and reaches length to filter. my question is would I get more air if I replace the ram tube with a tube that connects directly to intake tube with another filter, would it get more air or do about the same?
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Looks similar (but nicer) to the setup most guys on here run. I wouldn't think you'd see much benefit to changing it.
It would be nice with out the battery to be able to make something better looking and more efficient but i am not up to re locating or eliminating that battery
No need for a secondary filter. You are definitely getting enough air through that thing.
I've had a similar setup for over 12 years, never felt the need for more air.
ok ill leave it as is then mabye clean it up a little better, was just thinking is a little more aire was possible it would help lower temps in some sort of way
Temps can climb pretty high at idle, but once you get to moving, IAT's are near ambient which is the only time it really matters.
the E99's get there air from up front by going though the inner fender..they found it sucked more dirt then anything else..road salt even worse...
I dont really get anything flying up in there but my "ram tube" starts a little before the fiter and cut a hole in the plastic or fiberglass whateve it is on the radiator support and have it right behind the grille, i have now problem when im moving it gets all the air it need but i seem like its being restricted somwhere when i do a hard take off doesnt seem like it sucks enough in, i dont have any boost leaks and im getting 35psi spiked on a hard run
the turbo is choking its self...30lb boost is MAX for a stock turbo even with a WW2 on it...too many of them 35lb boost you will need to replace the turbo....
I know all i have to do is turn the nut back a little on the wastegate so when wide open it wont go that high
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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