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Puttin' the stroker to the test

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Since installing my TN turbo, 6.0 intercooler, 6.0 tranny cooler and big oil, I got to test them out hardcore this weekend.

Took my 38' Raptor toyhauler loaded with 3 quads and 112 gallons of water out camping. Probably a little over 15,000 lbs.. Went up a 10% grade that was almost 5 miles long.. My egt's never got over 1150 degrees with lots of power.. My TN was boosting to about 24lbs the whole way. Pulled it at about 45 mph then saw my tranny temps climb.. Tranny peaked at about 210 degrees at the top of the hill and my water temp was up there too but all-in-all it was pretty impressive to pull that kind of load. My buddy who has a Duramax pulling a 8000 lbs toyhauler couldn't believe it.. He was struggling to keep up :D. Wonder how some stage 2's would work for me?
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10% grade at highway speeds... meh. You need some 20mph corners on that grade to make it really fun :poke:

Sounds like your trans needs some help... Mine used to heat up on hard pulls like that even when I knew the TC was locked up. Doing all of my tugger kit made a HUGE difference! My truck wants to do a wheelie now when it shifts with the cabover on and the rockcrawler in tow :D
My trans used to shift too soon too. All I did was install an updated TC and finish my tugger kit (front pump stuff, coast clutch and overdrive snaprings). Now, it's a completely different truck!!! I'd almost wager a bet the damn thing picked up a second in the 1/4. My first test drive, all I could say was "holy $%@!#*^ [email protected]*!"
Shure joey I'll be right over. You can say all you want if you pulled a trailer every day you would not have a auto. If your only pulling a trailer for fun then it's diferent. I can't stand to wait for it to down shift or up shift even if it's for a second. The part I hate the most is taking off from a stop with a auto I HATE that with a trailer. When I let the clutch out i'm moveing not I hope the converter will get presure and get me moveing. It's only for a second or less but I can't stand that.
an important message from the clue police, you are posting in the wrong thread.

please report to this one

:flipa: :flipa: :flipa:
How much power? Like sex, money and rock'n roll you can't have too much. The truck has at least 3000ft/lbs at the tires (all the dyno was good for) and it's not enough, it slowed down once...............with 279,000 lbs of crane hooked to it on a 18% grade, but who's counting?
i dont think any auto could keep up with nor help slow down a trailer as quickly and efficiently as a good driver with a manual transmission.......
think or know? you ever driven a psd with a built auto or one with just a tugger kit?

I'll bet you a $100 and back it up with video that my truck will compression brake ANYTIME I put it into a lower gear than required for the speed. Hell I'll even load up my cabover camper, and tow my rockcrawler up and down some hills to prove it.

my paypal is [email protected]... feel free to send the money now, cause you will loose this one :flipa:

Oh and for the record, I would actually rather have a 6spd in my tow rig. However I could not find the truck I wanted with one, so I settled for what I could find. After doing the trans mods I've done, I'm pretty damn satisfied. It's a night & day difference and I ain't got no more money it than a good clutch for the ZF. My point is don't knock it untill you've tried it and yes, I've towed with a 6spd psd.

:swordfight: :tree:
why spend all that extra money making an auto do what a 6spd will do stock??
turn the power up on yours and get back to us on how that *stock* clutch is doing :hehe:
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