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Please read this it is very important. I am asking all psn members to help my friend and to post on here if you do.

In advance thanks to all

Here is alil about what is going on...

Steve and his wife Paula have two children Kasi 20 and Chase 17 who is a junior at Dover high school. Steve has been employed at Kimble Clay and Limestone for over 30 years in September 2009, Steve fell over while at home and dr's determined, he had a heart problem and they put in a pacemaker. during this past fall, steve bumped his head and began having seizures dr's then put him on seizure medication that didnt help.

In the middle of February, with help of his friends, he was taken to Mt. Carmel East in Columbus. Where they eventually discovered he has a large brain tumor. the dr's there diagnosed it as "gbm" glioblastoma multiforme which is the highest grade glioma tumor and is the most malignant form of astrocytomas and most progressive. typical outcomes with chemotherapy and radiation that are considered agressive and successful give prognosis of less than 1 year Steve is currently in intensive care at case Western University in Cleveland. all monies raised will help offset cost and living expenses during this difficult time a fund has been set up at First Federal Community bank (330-308-5555) under (Steve Kimble family benefit) thanks once again for your support.

also please if you do help out this family please post (that u helped out) so i can make a list for the family. thanks for your help and prayers
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