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Repost from aftermarket forum.

So I am picking up a barley running (Was having hard time cold starts or no start, no batteries now, it also blew a coolant hose off at one time) 06 F350 Dually Supercab 4x4 for $1000. Project truck! By project I mean it needs lots of love, company put 100,000 hard miles on it, has rear bed body damage (8ft bed) and just needs lots of love, interior needs to be completely redone, has holes rips and missing chunks. Has a lot of bells and whistles but many don't work.

So I am not looking to put a tune on this, or get vast amounts of speed and power. I just want this truck to run and run great and last me a long time, I hear many complain about this engine, but I've seen some running for a very very long time. This truck will be used for long trips, (To/from Texas, Louisiana, maybe ohio) no pulling (Family truck). Maybe in the future it will pull a smaller boat or a 5th wheel medium size camper. But that's about the most weight it's gonna get to have.

I intend to restore this truck up to standards, take my time, and go over it with a fine toothpick.

What would be my essential upgrades, head bolts, coolers, egr, etc. My dos and donts? And about how much am I looking into investing in the engine alone and is it worth it? I am waiting on my OBD2 scanner for torque pro android app to hook up and get some readings, so I can share more later.
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