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I have 3 Procomp Xtreme all terrain tires mounted on Procomp 16x10 wheels. The wheels are for a 6 lug GM/Chevy, but I'm not sure on the offset or back spacing? Tires are in awesome condition, they have 16/32's left, new one's come with 20/32's, so they have 80% left on them. There are NO bumps, bulges, flatspots, cupping, dry rot, cuts, holes, plugs, or broken cords on these tires. Wheels are in decent shape, they are some areas with some corrosion, typical aluminum wheels!

I'm am asking $600 for the set, I think thats pretty fair considering the tires alone are $350 new retail. I would also consider a trade, I'm looking for a set of 285/75 r16 nitto terra grapplers, new or like new condition.

For any questions reply back or call/text me at 262-497-5999



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